Tartan Day in Quebec City

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We celebrated Tartan Day in rather good style at the National Assembly of the Quebec Government and at the Quebec City Hall. We were present in the balcony of the National Assembly when Mrs. Kathleen Weil, Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, saluted our presence. In a short but very interesting speech, she emphasized the contribution of the Scots to the social and cultural development of Quebec. After the Question Period, we had lunch in the elegant restaurant Le Parlementaire where glasses were raised several times during the meal. In mid-afternoon, we braved the cold and rather windy weather conditions for the walk over to City Hall. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Mrs. Michelle Morin-Doyle, Deputy Mayor of Quebec. The flag was raised to the sound of the pipes and a few appropriate words were exchanged. The flag was then lowered and festivities over, we dispersed.


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